Gaining buy-in
Driving behaviour change
Facilitating crucial conversations

Stakeholder engagement requires empathy, relevance and impact

Sustainability is a topic that influences employees at every level, as well as the wider stakeholders (incl. suppliers, investors, interest groups and communities).We create bespoke programmes to educate, inform and engage stakeholders, including the following activities:

  • Internal marketing campaigns and brand communications
  • CSR launches and community initiatives
  • Behaviour change communications (e.g. ‘switch off’ campaigns)
  • Green Team development
  • Health and safety awareness campaigns
  • Building partnerships and other strategic relationships
  • Facilitated engagement and ideation meetings
  • Events, exhibitions and interiors
  • Supporting materials and tools, printed, experiential and digital communications
  • Workshops, facilitation and training
  • Speaking and knowledge sharing

As with other demographics, we realise that different groups of stakeholders have different agendas, levels of buy-in and scepticisms – before you even get to the economic, social and environmental prioritisations.
With this in mind, we can develop programmes tailoring your messaging to the relevant segment, to increase impact and response.


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