Defining the points of benefit & differentiation
Taking “greener” propositions to market
Driving awareness, leads and sales

Possibly the most effective application of our team is using our specialist knowledge to take your ‘greener’ propositions to market. Here’s a few of the tools we use to help us do this throughout the full lifecycle of development:


Good research drives high performing campaigns. In addition to bespoke research programmes, Green Samsara offer a number of tools designed to support research in this area.

Green Marketing Audit

A thorough, objective review of your brand, product or organisation using a combination of customer research and segmentation, stakeholder analysis, competitor analysis, industry analysis and benchmarking processes. From this we identify the primary risks and opportunities, to help you prioritise where your green marketing can generate the best returns.

Green Segmentation

As with everything in life, sustainability developments and communications does not appeal to everyone equally. This is true for both B2B and B2C brands, your employees and wider stakeholders. It is however vitally important because we have the tools to help you target specific individuals, develop tailored propositions and generate a greater return on your marketing investment.

Stakeholder Analysis

It is the organisations stakeholders that ensure whether sustainability communications are authentic and how they perform in the marketplace. To maximise opportunity and minimise potential backlash, this 360° research exercise engages all of your stakeholder groups, including Consumers, Community, Employees, Investors, Regulators, Interest Groups and Suppliers to establish their views, areas of concern and opportunity. The subsequent analysis then prioritises actionable steps to take the sustainability communications and green marketing forwards.

Strategy & value proposition

We deliver contact strategies that are both robust and creative. Our strategies are carefully conceived to deliver solid commercial results whilst balancing social and environmental considerations. Where relevant, clients often ask us to distil the essence of their proposition, so people ‘get it’ and we really pull out the key differentiators to drive positive response.


Our track record is one of consistent delivery of high response rates and ROI well ahead of market benchmarks. This could be a digital campaign or direct marketing intervention. Either way we can support the full end-to-end requirement, from marketing list development to production and delivery. We’ll then help you track the results against the initial planning KPI’s to demonstrate performance and deliver learnings.

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