We create a Brand Experience. The built environment around people can be used to educate, engage and build loyalty.

Don’t let your audience walk by, ensure your communications stop them in their tracks… and once we’ve got them hooked, we’ve got an invaluable opportunity to educate and influence them. We bring brands to life in exhibitions, interior and event spaces. From design, to management and production, you can count on us to create an experience that’s working for you.

Creating a Brand Experience here at Green Samsara means:

Designing for results and effectiveness
Campaigns before, during and after the event
Delivered with creativity, impact & value

We’ll come up with creative methods of delivering a campaign before, during and after your event, exhibition or interior launch to really maximise the impact and deliverables. We can use this to drive appointments, capture marketing data or simply just create a memorable, engaging experience.

Environmentally considered production:

Minimising environmental impact, maximising personal impact
We’re conscious that this is an area notorious for it’s waste and toxin filled materials. We’re doing our best, including some innovative research projects, to deliver solutions that reduce this impact. How do we do this?

Careful selection of materials
Choosing the materials that have lower embodied carbon, lower toxicity and recyclability whilst maintaining the characteristics of the traditional materials, which make them so successful to work with.

Hiring equipment
Much equipment can be hired to save you money as well as reducing environmental impact. From furniture to AV equipment, we treat this the same as sourcing any material – looking at the environmental credentials of the item, including energy saving opportunities.

Reusable elements
Reusability is a concept that even the most bespoke built exhibition stand can embrace. We don’t need to limit creativity.

Travel & waste management
Having the processes and supply chain management to ensure we reduce travel and waste where possible.

Carbon calculation & offsetting
When you’ve reduced the environmental impact of the exhibition stand as much as is feasible, there is still going to be a remaining impact. We offer clients the option of calculating the remaining carbon emissions of the stand and offsetting these.

If we sound like the sort of agency you’d like to work with, please get in touch.