Energy, Waste, Water, Safety, Ethical Food, Natural Lifestyle

Bringing specialist knowledge, contacts & approaches
Increasing the value & expertise on your projects

Green Samsara is specialised in delivering effective communications for the following specialist sectors. We do this because, as we preach to clients, it’s good to have a niche where you can add the most value. We are regularly conducting campaigns to take products or services to market in these sectors, to change behaviours or help the clients corporate communications. By specialising, we have an experienced team who understand the requirements of the sector, best practices, know the industry dynamics and can maximise value for clients.

Some of our specialist knowledge & approaches:

Energy Communication
Energy efficienct product or service communications
Behavioural energy saving programmes for the organisation or external audience
Taking utility, efficency, cleantech and renewabes propositions to market

Waste Communication
Interventions to raise awareness
Programmes to inrease recycling in the organisation or community
Taking speciality waste propositions to market

Water Communication
Water saving programmes
Generating awareness and engagement
Marketing water efficient solutions

Health & Safety Communications
Creating brands for safety programmes
Generating awareness and engagement
Marketing of safety products and service providers

Ethical Food Communications
Generating engagement in ethical choices
Interventions to raise awareness of food for the organisation or external audience
Taking special new vegetal products to market

Natural Lifestyle Communications
Self sufficiency and energy saving programmes
Behavioural eco-housing programmes for external audience
Programmes to inrease recycling in the schools and communities

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