Sustainable Eating

Livestock production has an enormous impact on climate change emissions, resource use, habitat loss, and the availability of staples for consumers in developing countries. Despite this, macromarketers have paid little attention to environmentally sustainable diets. Although researchers in health studies have identified the need to mainstream plant-based diets, they downplay t...
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Why We Hate Green Wash

The Global CSR RepTrack 100 Report showed that CSR is seen as important to consumers, but also highlights that there is a general lack of trust in brands and the claims made in this area. Awareness in sustainability has increased to the point that a wider range of segments are actively searching for information on the sustainability credentials of products, services and ...
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7 P’s of Sustainability Marketing

I remember, in our marketing lectures, many years ago, we’d learn one of the major premises of marketing; the marketing mix, otherwise known as the 4P’s, first proposed by marketer E. Jerome McCarthy in 1960. ·      Product ·      Price ·      Place ·      Promotion It strikes me that in some organisations, sustainability initiatives are focused on the operat...
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